4 Benefits of Sports Teams for Your City

One of the greatest memories from childhood is often a look back at sports events attended with your family. The smell of people and stadium food triggers happy nostalgia of cheering for beloved local teams. With Mayor Faulconer, of San Diego, fighting so hard to keep the Chargers, some might ask, “what benefit does this team bring the city?” The truth is, sports teams can be either the boon or the downfall of a town. Included here you will see a few potential benefits of keeping those national teams in your city.


Local Pride

While from an economic standpoint, local pride is not the deciding factor, it can go a long way to boost community. It is no surprise that Americans love their sports teams and dedicate a good amount of money to watching those games each year. Giving locals a common hero can help build communities up and increase the kind of local pride that prevents people from moving away too quickly. When people love their city, they become loyal and are more likely to live there permanently.


Boosted Morale

In times of economic downturn, it can be difficult to keep your citizens believing in the place they call home. Politicians have called on their local sports teams to boost the morale of the city for many years. Local teams that are working hard can help keep people inspired and content with their home and able to weather depressed financial climates.

Potential Economic Growth

Many politicians believe the addition, or retention, of a sports team can be the deciding factor in the success of a neighborhood. From an economic standpoint, some would argue that the presence of a sports team will boost jobs and economic growth in an area. Arguably, most citizens have a set entertainment budget and will not be spending more just because of a stadium in the neighborhood.


Some experts believe that removing sports teams from neighborhoods may actually boost the economic success. It is possible that some citizens may be staying out of a certain neighborhood or area due to the congestion of a sporting event and may frequent the local businesses more when that crowded effect is removed.


Sports Successes

One of the best success stories of a city being built from sports teams is in Indianapolis. Formerly, Indianapolis was a small city built around a racetrack, but with the development of national teams and a downtown sector, Indianapolis has become a thriving metropolis.

One of the keys to Indianapolis’ financial success was in partnering public and private funds for the construction of their stadiums and beautification of their public spaces. With careful planning, cities really can be built with the help of a professional team of athletes.

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