4 Natural Methods for Dealing With Addiction After Treatment

Are you struggling with recovering from an addiction? Concerned about continuing the improvements after returning home? Often, for those recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, returning home can mean a relapse. If you are careful to implement a few healthy new lifestyle changes before returning home, you are more likely to see an improvement in your health and circumstance as real life returns. Included here are a few ways to continue coping and learn to overcome addiction in your personal life.


Utilize Art Therapy
Creating art exercises the brain and allows individuals a means to express emotion. The creation of art often allows individuals to reflect on how they process and understand themselves and the world around them. Regardless of your final results, the simple act of making art will allow you to de-stress, cope with withdrawal symptoms and work through processing previous traumatic experiences. Some people choose to keep a picture journal at home which allows them to draw an experience from the day instead of needing to find words for it.



If you have recently being released from a recovery home, you may have experienced the healing benefits of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a powerful means of communicating positive messages to the individual, including breaking addiction and making lifestyle alterations. Often, the previous thought patterns of the addicted individual lead them to make the same mistakes on a repetitive basis. Hypnosis can also allow you to feel more relaxed and give you the opportunity to fully process your ideas.


While it can be difficult to maintain the changes brought about by hypnotherapy, there are ways to continue this helpful method when you return home. For those who have just left a recovery center, your insurance may continue paying for you to return there for weekly hypnotherapy visits. If that is not possible, consider finding an alternative hypnotherapist in your area who will accept your insurance or offer discounted rates.



In Eastern cultures, yoga has long been a practice of stilling the mind while working the body. Yoga gives the individual the opportunity to meditate while continuing to strengthen muscles and build confidence. Daily practice of yoga has been proven to decrease stress levels, promote health and offer mental clarity. This is a new routine that can be easily implemented from the comfort of your home.


Massage Therapy

One of the most calming forms of therapy, massage has long been used to aid individuals in times of distress. Human touch is necessary to all people and can bring about a sense of calm and comfort; the release of toxins with massage therapy is especially critical to those recovering from a chemical dependency. Many insurances will allot a set number of visits per year so you can continue to pursue this healthful activity after you return home.

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