4 of the Strongest O Lines in the NFL

Offensive line players don’t always get recognized as essential parts of football teams. Without them, though, even the best quarterback wouldn’t have a chance to throw the ball. For the 2015 NFL season, pay close attention to the O-lines of these four teams. They’ll teach you why offensive players deserve more respect.

Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys clearly have one of the strongest offensive lineups in the NFL. Doug Free and Tyron Smith stand out as a couple of the world’s best players. They can seemingly tackle any player, no matter how big or fast.

This year, Smith and Free will get more support from Zack Martin and Travis Frederick, who have honed their skills over the last couple seasons. Throw in some of the new talent, and you have what is probably the NFL’s best offensive line.

Smith is recovering from a strained bicep, but he seems to be doing well. Follow your favorite teams on DocSports to keep abreast of changes to the roster and the health of players.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a staggering amount of talent on the offensive line. Just look at Marcus Gilbert: He’s a 6’6″ player under 30 who weighs over 330 pounds. It’s no wonder that so many fantasy players put him on their top-10 lists.

Pittsburgh also benefits from offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum. He’s a little smaller than Gilbert, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his performance. He has the tenacity and grit needed to become a legend. He has shown remarkable talent since his first game, and he seems to get better every year. He will do everything possible to protect quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay has a long tradition of great offensive line players. This year, the O-line is stacked with talent from David Bakhtiari, Bryan Bulaga, and Corey Linsley. Every member of this line has grown up playing for the Packers. They know the drill, and they know loyalty.

Now that the younger players have more experience, expect to see them go even further. The Green and Gold have more NFL championships than any other team. This year looks like another opportunity for them to play more title games. They might even make it to Super Bowl.

New England Patriots

New England takes a slightly different approach to building a strong offensive line. The team rarely tries to find a star running back. Instead, it chooses to focus on pass protection so Tom Brady can do his thing. Given how impressive Brady has been over the last 15 years, the strategy makes sense.

The Patriots have a tight O-line ready for the 2015 season. It wouldn’t work with every team, but it suits New England’s needs perfectly. Expect some hard-hitting action from Tre’ Jackson, Vollmer, and the rest of the crew.

Players on the offensive line might get more bruises than glory, but they are essential to a team’s success. If you’re looking for great offensive players, turn to these teams for top examples.

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