5 Top Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Having Twitter Followers

54There are so many social cites today, but twitter stands out. This innovation has taken the social media by storm! Unfortunately not everyone is convinced that social media is of great importance and only associate it with sharing photos and making new friends. This is so not true and here are some ways a business owner can benefit from twitter followers.

  • Use Twitter as a forum for your critics

What better way is there to find out if your business is on the right track than using twitter? This is one of the best sites to be criticized on anything. All you have to do is just advertise whatever you are selling and ask what followers think of it. You will be surprised how people are willing to give their opinions free! For a business owner, criticism should be a good thing because you learn what strengths and weaknesses your business has.

  • Twitter works well as a customer service

The main role for a customer care is to handle any customer inquiries and twitter, does just that for you. Through your account, you are able to answer any queries and give any feedback to your followers instantly. Anytime a follower ‘tweets you’, you get a notification and can respond or ‘tweet back’ as soon as you get it. This can work well for businesses with online projects.

  • Source of information

Apart from being criticized, twitter can be a good source of information about current business trends, about your competitors, latest news, follower’s take on a new product or service etc. You normally have to browse for some time to get such information, but with twitter, it is all there. You can share information or news about your company as well just by tweeting and it communicates to a larger audience than your customer data base.

  • Use it to market your company

Are you thinking of ways to cut on overhead costs? This is the cheapest way to market what you sell to everyone! Opening and running a twitter account is free, so you can take advantage of this by exhibiting your products, services, company and your company’s website on the twitter account (create a link between the company website and the twitter account to get more visitors on your website). If you have a personal account, then you must be aware of how viral it can be, when you want some recognition on just about anything you tweet.

  • All your conversations are archived

With a twitter account, any business-related tweets and conversations from your followers are all stored in the web. You only have to search using the business term with the hush tag and all the information you once had, comes up. More like an internet search engine.

It is more likely in future; people will rely on the internet for almost everything and also make a great supporter for twitter and twitter followers. Therefore, it is advisable to start learning now and there is no better place than twitter. With features such as video conferences and chat rooms, you never know, the next person you may communicate with might be your greatest investment.

Author bio:

Simon is a speaker on Business Communication and has written many articles on social sites and how internet information can help business owners. She is also a great supporter for twitter and has her twitter followers, who she educates on these kinds of topics.

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