A Reputation Management Company Discusses the Importance of Creating Original Content

There’s no question about the importance of reputation management for a brand. But did you know that a major part of reputation management involves the creation of original content? Most people assume that reputation management agencies deal specifically with repairing a company’s reputation after a scandal.


Yes, this is a major responsibility of any solid reputation management company, but it is certainly not the only job performed. A task that is just as important as responding to scandalous accusations is creating original content. This refers to content like blog posts for a company website and frequent social media posts. Not only does content creation get the word out about your brand (reputation building), it is essential for reputation repair and management.


Original Content Improves Search Engine Rankings


Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of building a reputation. Optimizing search engine results would not be possible without the help of original content. In fact, some experts say that original content creation is the most important task involved in developing a solid SEO strategy. The entire internet is made up of billions of pages of content, so in order for your website to rank, some of that content needs to be created by you.


That being said, creating content isn’t the only important aspect of SEO. More specifically, creating thought-provoking, valuable content that your readers find helpful is the key. Google ranks your website based on many things, and one of those things is the value that your content offers. If it is seen as invaluable, your ranking is unlikely to improve.


Original Content Raises Credibility


If you want to be seen as a source with authority, you must build that authority. The only way to do that is to show that you are an authority figure, and content is the way to make that happen. When people browse the internet and start clicking around for information on your industry, they’ll start to form opinions. These opinions are greatly affected by the content they read; if it is valuable while also being informative, you’ll gain some major credibility points.


Original Content Gets the Conversation Started


According to Edgy.com, “the best way to increase your website’s engagement is by producing smart, entertaining, and informative content…This kind of content also keeps people interested enough for them to leave comments or suggestions.” The comments, suggestions, and conversations regarding your brand the better. And the best way to do this is through original content.


Original Content Reaches Influencers and Major Media Outlets


When your content is commented on and shared enough, it has the potential to reach major social influencers and media outlets. And if those influencers and news sources find the information interesting and helpful enough, you could be looking at some free marketing. Influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers are constantly sharing all sorts of content, and this could be yours. You never know, Kylie Jenner might even share a webpage or video clip posted by your brand.

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