Arrange Children’s Swimming Lessons in Orange County

Does it come as a surprise to you that one fifth of all drownings are of children under the age of fourteen.  That’s quite a shocking statistic, but of course not surprising because children are inexperienced swimmers, many not taught how to swim, and take safety precautions around water.  You may think as a parent that you could protect your children and help them out if they get in trouble in the water but actually eighty percent of child drownings take place in front of the child’s parents.  This shows how important it is that children learn how to swim and be safe around water.  So where can you get your children swimming lessons in Orange County?

Children’s Swimming Lessons in Orange County

Fifty percent of children have no swimming ability at all, but swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning by ninety percent.  So if you want your child to be safe around water, enjoy swimming in pools, lakes, rivers and the sea, then the best gift you can give them is swimming lessons.  Not only will they learn the skills they need to swim, but they will learn how to be safe in different types of water, enjoy a leisure activity which keeps them active and fit, and perhaps find a sport they can represent their school or college with.

Types of Swimming Lessons for Different Age Groups

A good swim school that caters for children’s swimming lessons will have separate classes for different age groups.  The content of the lessons should alter dramatically as a child gets older, so they can learn different swim strokes, diving, and other skills.  And for younger children and babies the classes are more focused on confidence and basic skills such as breathing and floating.

Classes for parents and their babies are starter classes where parents are taught how to help their infants float, paddle, and even swim underwater.  The motor skills learnt through swimming, as well as the cognitive benefits are highly beneficial for infants in early develop stages.  Their strength will improve and this will help them with other skills such as sitting up, crawling and then walking, often developing much faster than babies who don’t swim.  The good news is that swimming also promotes healthy and longer sleep patterns due to the energy exertion involved, and you get time to bond with your baby one to one.  It can particularly be a very beneficial activity for Daddy to do with his baby, because he will feel like he has taught his child their first sport and life skill.

Classes for older children introduce basic strokes such as breast stroke, and crawl, before adding in back stroke and butterfly.  Children are taught how to dive, and retrieve objects as well as how to save someone else’s life in the water, helping a friend get to the side of the pool.  Certificates along their development help them to build up their swimming strength and endurance and ensure they’re in the right class for their ability.

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