Brand in the spotlight: Helloprint UK

The online printing industry is an excellent example of the ways in which the British consumer benefits from the UK’s integration into the European market. A gap appearing in the domestic market for this very modern industry meant that the Netherlands-based Helloprint could make an appearance across the North Sea and provide a printing service that the domestic market was lacking.

At 15 years old, Helloprint has a wealth of experience in the online printing market and this experience has entailed their pre-eminence among the competition as they provide the consumer with fast, cheap and easy printing capabilities. Their mantra of ‘simply arranged, without hassle’ rings true for any user of the service.

Long known in the Netherlands, they are considered one of the country’s top players in the online printing sector as a result of their efficiency and no-nonsense service. Following international expansion, the company managed to find a way to provide an even cheaper way to deliver excellent results for the consumer. This is achieved by combining their international printing orders, facilitating the best rates on their promotional printing services.

The broad nature of their professional printing service is another reason that they continue to exceed expectations on both the domestic and international fronts: brochures, banners pens and presentation folders. The list is not exhaustive, and the customer’s needs are tailored to in a fantastic plethora of ways.

Products can be made to fit a wide range of sizes, and in addition to this they offer flexible paper thickness. The human touch is also evident in their work, as each file sent for printing is reviewed by the Helloprint team. This is the kind of level of service that the modern consumer expects from any company, and Helloprint are the manifestation of this being delivered at the top level.

The reasons behind Helloprint’s drive to succeed are many. They consider their ‘biggest obsession’ to be developing the best possible user interface, which they deliver through continuous testing. The ultimate aim of this is to improve customer satisfaction even further. Another way the company strives to achieve this is through understanding customer needs in the modern world and that only by offering the best product at the cheapest price will a company be able to maintain hold of its customers.

For any company to succeed and grow the way Helloprint has, it requires a strong leader at the helm. In Helloprint’s case, this is Hans Scheffer. Hans has more than 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, and 10 years within the e-commerce sector. A focus on growth and innovation illustrates his dedication to the role of CEO at Helloprint.

As competitive as the UK’s printing industry is, Helloprint will strive to reach the zenith of the market, having achieved that status in other countries.

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