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The Best Resources I Found for UK Graduate Job Seekers

Finishing university is rough. Classes are over and you have to find a real job. You can no longer laze about until the next deadline or wear whatever you want. Now is the time when serious networking and application making come into play. Test after test, repetitive cover letters and…


5 Tips to Prepare for Freshman Year at College

Starting your freshman year at college is an exciting time, but can also feel a little overwhelming. For most new students, this marks the first time of living on your own and taking responsibility for your finances, living situation, and more. Follow these tips below to make the transition as…


How to deal with graduate job interview rejection

If you’re stuck in the job search game after finishing university, job interviews can be stressful, worrying and challenging to cope with. This is even more the case if you have been to quite a few job interviews and suffered a lot of rejection. Job interview rejection is painful, and…


The Importance of University Group Work and how to get it Right

Working collaboratively is a crucial part of academic life at university, and one that you’ll need to get right to bag a top grade. The distribution between individual and group projects is generally around the 50 percent mark, although this will differ from subject to subject. So, if you can’t…


Is it really impossible to complete your college without taking on student loan debt?

Attending college, although not at all essential or compulsory, can offer graduates an economic boost that will benefit them all through their life. According to the US Census, it has been analyzed that the average college graduate makes at least $19,560 or more per year than the average high school…


5 Lucrative and Rewarding Careers

Choosing the right path career may seem like a daunting task, but there are many positions available that will likely match your personal interests while providing you with a stable income. Here are a few career fields that are known to be both lucrative and satisfying. Accountant If you have…


Where can Your Counseling Degree Take You?

For those looking into counseling degree programs, you are quickly learning that becoming a counselor is not only a great career choice but it also offers many opportunities and choices. In the following infographic you will where exactly a degree in counseling can take you:


10 Fantastic Habits of Successful College Students

Congratulations on taking a major step towards achieving success by enrolling in college. As any new or returning student will soon discover, there are several new obstacles that you will need to adapt to in order to get ahead. Although it’s true that some things never change, here are 10 habits…