Culinary Uses Of Vaporizers

One of the most exciting things in the kitchen these days is the fusion of science and technology with the culinary arts in the kitchen. In fact, people are continually finding all kinds of innovative ways to cook, using liquid nitrogen for recipes being one of them. Another modern cooking practice is the employment of vaporizers to provide aroma and flavor to foods and create a unique meal with extra tantalizing aroma.


Vaporizers are used to gradually introduce an appetizing smell in food. The really amazing thing about this method is that it does not introduce any unpleasant taste in the food. This process is called aromatization and can be done slowly and steadily to avoid any deterioration of flavor of foods which one may find undesirable.

It might sound unreasonable to you because you would think that scent cannot affect the taste of food considerably, but contrary to your belief, it certainly can. Normally the food that you want to add aroma and flavor to is to be kept inside an oven bag already filled with vapors of a vaporizer. The vaporizer may also be used to force the scent directly into the bag of the oven using an oven hose while the food gets cooked. With time, this aroma gets into the foodstuff and in addition, imparts a subtle flavor too. The good thing is that any material can be used to flavor the food using vaporizers, however choosing the right one for the right food can do wonders with the overall taste of food.

The most common vaporizer used in the field of culinary is the volcano vaporizer. One of the most common dishes where aromatization is used to produce flavor is crab meat aromatized with thyme. The aroma is produced by a volcano vaporizer that fills the bag in which the dish is kept. As the cooking progress, the aroma permeates the meat.

Another method among culinary uses of vaporizers is to add a flavor to the dining area. The scents, if properly selected and allowed to circulate through the air slowly and subtly, can add significantly to the flavor. One way to do this is to use an oven bag again, but this time the material containing the aroma is vaporized and stored in an empty bag. The bag is then put under the plate to be used for serving the dinner. Puncturing the bag with small holes allows the scent to escape and positively affect the experience of the diner.

Essentially, it requires a lot of skill and a balanced hand when trying something involving vaporizers in the kitchen. Excess of the aromatization can destroy the flavor of the food completely. The line dividing too little and too much is very thin and can be caused unknowingly. This is where the skilled hands of an experienced chef come into play. As with all cooking, vaporizers require users to display patience and skill to produce a delectable final product. Of course, a little trial and error can go a long way to produce amazing results with vaporizers.

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