David Serna Lawyer Extraordinaire on Why You Need Criminal Defense

After the last piece which we did on the legal challenges of being charged with a crime, many of you asked about the importance of a great criminal defense lawyer and why you would need one. It is for this reason why I recruited my friend David Serna lawyer extraordinaire and someone who is massively respected in the New Mexico area as being the best in the business. The fact that people can say this about David here in New Mexico is even more impressive given the rich crop of legal talent which the state has. David spoke to me briefly about the importance of a criminal defense lawyer, hopefully this will answer those questions which you have.


Serve Justice


Beyond everything else the role of a criminal defense attorney is to ensure that justice is done and that the defendant gets a fair trial. In the case where the accused is in fact guilty of a crime, the criminal defense lawyer will ensure that they are given a fair trial and that they get the best result that they can for their client. In a case where the accused is in fact innocent, the criminal defense attorney will do all that they can to prove this innocence.


Checking the Details


Due diligence must be followed by both the courts and law enforcement when it comes to how they handle and how they process someone who is accused of a crime. Whether it is a DUI, a DWI, a violent crime or something worse, everything must be done in accordance with the law from the arrest right through to presenting before the court. If any aspect of this has to been done in accordance with legal protocols, the case can be considered as a mistrial. The criminal defense lawyer will know exactly what details to look for and they will be able to ensure that everything has been done within the confines of the law.


Emotional Support


It is not just professional support which a criminal defense lawyer can offer but they can also be relied upon for some level of emotional support. The accused will look to a defense lawyer for for guidance, for help and for reassurance during what is a very difficult time for them. Given that the lawyer knows this world so well they can provide them with that assurance and be a shoulder to lean on for many who have been accused of a crime.


Striking Bargains


A plea deal is usually the preferred route for gusty parties to take and it involves pleading guilty to a lesser crime, in order to get a lesser sentence. The reason why this is beneficial is because the court gets a conviction and can move on to deal with its backlog of cases , the prosecution gets a win and the defendant can reduce their sentence having plead guilty to a crime which is far less severe than what they were accused of.


Simply put criminal defense lawyers work to ensure that justice is served and that their client gets the best outcome possible.

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