Essential Things to Keep Your Office Space Clean and Presentable

If you love keeping your home clean at all times, then the same thing should happen to your office where you spend an average of eight to ten hours working every day. Keeping a clean workspace means a lot to keep all employees healthy and safe from illness. Having a clean workplace is also essential in making a good and lasting impression on your clients. Here are some simple tips to get started.

Regular floor cleaning

Prevent dirt and dust from piling up on the office floor by cleaning it every day using a reliable floor cleaning machine. Make sure to never run out of floor scrubber batteries to ensure that your office floors will remain clean at all times. On top of scrubbing the floor to get rid of mud and tough dirt, also keep in mind to mop the floors regularly with disinfectant to prevent viruses and germs from spreading around.

Clean your work stations regularly

Each employee should be held responsible for keeping their workstation or personal desk clean at all times. Take 10 minutes of your time each day to clear up all the piled up paperwork on your desk before leaving the office. If part of your job is to accept walk-in clients, then you better make sure that your desk is clean and presentable at all times. It would make things easier to put a couple of paper trays and a small trash bin near your desk for less hassle when cleaning.


Get some help

If the workplace is too large to clean every day, then it is a good idea to hire people that can help maintain the entire facility. Some companies offer professional janitorial cleaning services to ensure that your whole office is kept clean at all times.

Discourage eating at workstations

When employees get too comfortable in their workplace, they adapt to this terrible habit of eating at their desks. It is convenient for most people especially if they are swamped with too much work; however, this practice needs to stop. Leftover food particles and spilled drinks can attract roaches, rats, ants and other types of insects in the area. Also, food particles tend to stick to desks, chairs and even computers which makes them a challenge to clean and can become an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Eating and drinking should only be allowed in a particular place like the cafeteria or office pantry. Clients can also get turned off if they see employees eating at their workstations because some people find this habit unprofessional.

Encourage employees to help out

Make it a point to clean the office every week by getting rid of the extra clutter. Every employee should be accountable for maintaining the office. Implementing specific rules such as the clean as you go policy and garbage segregation are small things, but it creates a significant impact in workplace cleanliness.

The office is your second home, so you should always treat it with respect.


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