Hair Stencils and the Best Way to Use Them

The majority of people will become fed up and discontented with their hairstyle at some point. The same colour, cut and look repeated everyday can make any individual a victim of boredom as a result of the facing the same hairstyle in the mirror at all times.

Hair stencils are relatively easy to do and provide a creative change. They certainly offer a distinguished difference from the standard hair trends, making anyone stand out from the crowd. Prices vary dependent upon the company offering the service or if the stencil is being applied by the individual themselves, the cost of the kit involved.

How to do it yourself

To avoid expense of having hair stencils done professionally they can be done at home. However caution is advised before proceeding as applying stencils can be a tricky process and require practice before application.

The DIY process is simple. First stencil in using a pen or pencil the desired design (beginners are advised to go for simplistic designs such as stars or flowers). Once the hair has been washed, dried and straightened the tricky part begins; applying the stencil to the hair. An additional person may be needed to assist with the process as the stencil should be held onto the hair firmly while colours or glitters are applied.

Hair most suited to hair stencils

Although hair stencils can be done on the majority of hair types there are steps people can take in order to improve the quality and intensity of the resulting colour of the hair stencil. Straight hair is almost a necessity when applying the products to the hair as a curly style may distort the design, making it difficult to discern.

Hair that is shorter is certainly easier in terms of applying a hair stencil. With less surface area to cover the design is likely to be neater and more concise with less hassle. Individuals with longer hair can also enjoy the benefits of a hair stencil however the process may be more time consuming.

Short, straight hair is the easiest to work with when applying a hair stencil

Short, straight hair is the easiest to work with when applying a hair stencil


Issues to consider

As previously mentioned a process of experimentation with hair stencils will lead to the discovery of the ideal design and way to apply the products. As a one-off, temporary look it is easy to wash out and therefore not too much caution is required. However, beginners should not expect a perfect result right away and if the process continues to present a challenge to perfect, help should be sought in order to achieve the ideal look.

The intensity of the colour should be considered as tones that may not look bright within the bottle could have a much stronger effect than initially thought. Always check the tone and texture of the products on a single strand of hair to ensure their quality and true shade of colour.



Hair stencils are not the norm and therefore are a very different and creative expression of character. Perfect for a night out on the town or a formal event they add a touch of colour and class to the overall outfit. From leopard print to feminine flowers with a variety of stencils, colours and glitters available, there is sure to be an option to suit everyone.

Author Bio:

Written by Rebecca Hubbard, a keen user of the Evo hair care product range.


Image Credits: and Jordanhill School D&T Dept

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