How do you find weight loss tips that work?

Looking for ways to lose weight can sometimes feel like searching for the holy grail – you’ve tried the Five-Two diet, Atkins, Gluten Free and even the Paleo diet (yes, that’s a diet inspired by the living habits of cavemen), yet nothing seems to work.

Diet faddism, in a number of ways, has made the good old fashioned methods of losing weight seem like they’re from another era. But there are a few tried and tested methods that could help you in your struggle to burn those pounds.

Here are a few top tips we’d recommend.

From the weight on your chinny chin chin

There’s that old saying, “Once on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”. But it’s not your hips you should be worrying about – the chin is where the real danger lies.

But to get rid of double chin, try a diet filled with anti-inflammatory foods, primarily foods rich in Omega-3. Alternatively, try creams dedicated to putting your chin back in check. You’ll be back to a single chin in no time.

Make your foods super

If you live on a constant diet of Cornish pasties, Domino’s pizza and at least four packets of Jaffa Cakes a week, then the root of your weight woes is clear. While these foodstuffs might be tastier than a lollipop made from the concept of joy, they’re about as nutritious as a slab of butter cooked in chip fat.

Instead, try out a regular diet of superfoods (that’s food high in vitamins and minerals) to keep you healthy and fend off the fat. More than this, don’t just create a dull as dishwater salad – have fun with your meals by putting together unlikely foodstuffs and filling them with zesty beets and tangy sauces.

Get moving

Those of us who favour more sedentary activities find exercise about as appealing as jumping off a bridge or plotting your own death, or having a conversation with Jeremy Kyle.

But getting active needn’t be a slog.

If you’re an avid music listener, why not play your favourite album and don’t stop exercising until the final track? Alternatively, start slowly with a brisk 15 minute workout. Then, with every week that passes by, add on an extra five minutes until you’re comfortable with a full-scale workout.

We live in a time where obesity is rife. There are more headlines claiming “Obesity Epidemic!” than there are pizzas left in the world – because everyone’s eaten them. But with these tips, you can fight the tide and, in your own way, be slim and healthy.

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