How Kersh Law Firm Attracts the Best Lawyers

Beyond everything else that a law firm must focus on it is the attraction and retention of the best lawyers that makes the difference between failure and success. Of course a law firm must focus on success, customer service and gaining a great reputation, and at the heart of all of that is the need to bring in the very best lawyers possible. Kersh law firm has gained a strong reputation on this front and many newly graduated and experienced lawyers often look to Kersh as the type of law firm that they would love to work for. So how has Kersh managed to create such a culture that so many want to work here? Let’s take a look.


Commitment to Excellence


When Kersh brings in new clients the main thing that they can ensure is an all out commitment to excellence and high quality service. In order for them to deliver this for their clients they have to have the very best working for them. Lawyers love this because expectation is high and that means that they’ll need every weapon in their arsenal to deliver for their clients. In so many law firms things are too easy for the lawyers and that is why they end up becoming frustrated in their job.


All Cases


Something else which many law firms are guilty of is picking and choosing their cases, looking for the easiest cases which they can win. Kersh never do this and they will take on just about any case that comes through the door, within reason of course. Once again this challenges lawyers to be the very best that they can be and that is a very attractive quality for a law firm. The very best lawyers don’t want an easy life, they want to be tested and challenged and that is exactly what they can expect when they work for Kersh law firm.




For many years now Kersh has had some excellent relationships with some of the country’s finest law schools. Since forming these relationships the firm can count on bringing in the highest quality graduates straight out of law school, which helps them to take their pick of the bunch. Getting younger lawyers is something which Kersh is really committed to and in doing this they can take individuals with massive potential, and then shape them in the way that is befitting of this company.


Career Path


Kersh has always been committed to promoting from within which is another great draw of working at this firm. If a lawyer has career aspirations then they know that if they do well at this firm that they will have a clear path to the top. So many law firms will make promises about promotions and then fail to deliver but here at Kersh if you are good enough and ambitious enough then there will be a place for high performing lawyers to move up the career ladder.

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