In the present world situation, it is so easy to rent or lease a good apartment especially according to one’s choice. For renting an apartment the first and most important that every individual landlord or any company looks for is someone with a good credit score. Nowadays, a good credit score represents one’s final report card for renting or leasing an apartment.  One should have a good credit score to rent or lease an apartment especially in popular areas providing with all facilities and good amenities. According to the landlords, one with good credits score is a responsible person financially for the future on beforehand. For individual landlords or companies renting an apartment is like a business, and they will never step forward to take risks in their growing business. So for them renting an apartment to one with the low credit score is a risk than to someone who has a good or better credit score.

In this business world, each and everyone should have a credit card with a good score to rent or lease an apartment. According to the business point of view,  good credit score is 620 or higher than that but one having the lower score than 620 is considered to be having the low credit score. And someone having the low credit score, it becomes for them to get a good rented apartment. One with low score needs to improve their credit score first then start searching for the rented apartment.


Not a single issue has a quick or immediate solution or result. One should have patience and should give some time to overcome it. The one and only solution to overcome the problem of low credit score are  to work on it and improve or increase the score time. Every small and positive action in the present goes on adding and results to something big and positive changes for the future like good credit score to rent or lease an apartment.  The steps one need to follow to improve their credit score :

  • The first thing you need to look over is repayment of the debt, in case if you have any.

  • Ones you are done with the repayment process then you need to learn to establish the habit of money management.

  • Never carry balances on your credit cards.

  • Keep a clear-cut  payment process and do it on time every month with no dues.

  • Always pay more than the minimum amount on the repayment plans.

  • Always pay the full amount on the other monthly bills with no due for rent, maintenance charges, monthly credit card statement, power supply charges, internet charges, and other household and official monthly bills.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re paying or not the full due amount on time every month. The thing that matters is to avoid keeping big debt balances on your credit card.

These are some of the few money management good habits that one need to get habituated with to improve one’s low credit score and maintain a good credit score every time.

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