Looking for a Way to Quit Nicotine?

You may be one of many smokers who are concerned enough about the effects of smoking on their health to consider quitting the habit. Maybe you have already tried to quit before, only to realize how difficult it can be to let it go.

You are probably aware of the numerous systems designed to help you stop smoking that are available over the counter; gum, patches, etc. While these systems have certainly worked for some, others have found them to be disappointing. A decade ago electronic cigarettes have been introduced to the Chinese market as a method to help people stop smoking. The method proved to be very effective, and electronic cigarettes have been growing in popularity ever since.

Granted, many vapers (what electronic cigarette users call themselves) are not looking to stop vaping any time soon, or ever. They have found electronic cigarettes to be a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The fact that ecigs contain no tar or tobacco make them considerably less impacting on one’s health. They are safer for the environment because they are not combustible and do not produce the smoke, odor and ash that cigarettes are known for.

For those who are looking to break the nicotine habit once and for all, all they have to do these days is to buy BLU cig, since electronic cigarettes make it easier than ever to do that. The method that has proven the most effective over all is to start using an eliquid of 18mg nicotine. Once your body is comfortable at that strength, you begin an incremental reduction in the nicotine strength of your eliquid. This can be a process of several weeks or months, depending on your personal preference and what you find effective. In your own good time you will be able to use an eliquid that contains absolutely no nicotine. At that level you can boast of having broken your nicotine addiction.

You can still choose to continue vaping with your electronic cigarette and using a nicotine free eliquid. This is a nice option if you enjoy the social aspects of smoking, or the feel of a cigarette in your hand. But, if you want to sign off on smoking, you will no longer be addicted and should experience no adverse effects in stopping for good. For best results consult a doctor before beginning the weaning process, and follow their recommendations throughout your efforts to quit.

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