Marketing and the Post Offices’ Role

The current era of global competition has changed the dynamics of business in such a way that business development and marketing have now become intertwined. Despite serving different functions, both these activities are tactically used to thrive off each other. Marketing is the most important aspect of a business as it attracts attention to the business’s products and services and makes the company’s presence felt. But marketing is not possible without a proper medium to reach out to people. This is where the role of your local post office comes into play.


Data Source

Post offices have tremendous databases that undergo an exhaustive process to stay up to date. They have knowledge regarding the specifics of demographics in your locality, such as age and gender. You can use this data filter out your leads and come up with more refined and fine-tuned targets to approach. Post offices are also useful in providing access to people who still rely on traditional methods of marketing (i.e. making elderly demographics more accessible). For example, if you were advertising for a new assisted living facility in Astoria, you could talk with a post office near Astoria to discuss tactics and if they could provide any insight.

Tried and True

Many businesses that initially started off as micro-businesses now operate as big enterprises in the US. What these businesses have in common is that they utilized postal services as their marketing gimmicks and continue to do so. Exploring tried and tested avenues for marketing is likely to prove less risky for businesses. This is one aspect of risk management that you should take full advantage of, especially considering the enormous amount of money and effort you have devoted to building your brand and personality.


Postal services have existed for almost two centuries, starting off using the most traditional standard of delivering a telegram and evolving into one of the world’s largest organized platforms for sending and receiving mail. Postmasters have played a pivotal role in connecting businesses, organizations, and educational institutes with people across the world. They have helped various institutes grow and evolve. Not only are postmasters skilled in navigation, but they are also highly skilled in resolving complex logistical and marketing problems that continue to affect businesses across the country. They are equipped with the right tools and knowledge derived from a massive network that has helped operate a number of large businesses, which form the majority of top employers today.

Types of Media

Marketers use a variety of media: commercials, catalogs, billboards, and digital channels to attract consumers and generate responses. While marketing mail provides a physical interaction.


Physical ads and digital ads both have different advantages over one another. Your business needs ultimately determine which of the two can prove more effective for you. Physical ads, for example, have the advantage of staying insight as opposed to digital ads which only appear if you’re tuned into a TV show, skimming through your emails, or browsing the internet. Physical ads also have the advantage of being more appealing with tangible aesthetics. You can tailor your advertisements in an attractive and suitable fashion to be sent out as mail-pieces. Since physical ads are more likely to stay in sight, they tend to stay in mind as well.


If you’re looking to best communicate your company’s services to various prospective consumers, include mail as a tool for branding in your list of marketing ideas.

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