Sports clubs continue an old idea

The message about fitness is nothing new, but recent statistics suggest that it is a message that some people have yet to heed. It is not just a message about exercise it is also one about diet. There does seem to be a different message coming from some of the major ‘fast food’ brands about healthier eating but there is little loss of popularity in their traditional products; habits are difficult to break.

Pressure on medical resources

The implications of an unhealthy population are various but one of the most important is the pressure on the health services.  Cardiac problems, diabetes and cancers are just three problems where there is a greater risk if a person is already unhealthy.

Statistics show that the higher the level of education attained, the more likely the person is to do some exercise while men are more likely to exercise than women.

Fitness is not a new concept and centers which offer a comfortable environment are there to arrest the worrying statistics. It is not a matter of doing too much; there are no strict dietary regimes to undergo. They provide a welcoming atmosphere and a chance to make new friends who have decided just like you that it is time for action.

Combat obesity

Obesity is a problem, and studies show that the body is less resistant to blood clots because it does not produce an agent that can dissolve clots. It is certainly worth talking to a doctor and getting advice if you think things are getting out of control. Diet and exercise are the two things a doctor is likely to mention.

There is no need to try to do too much too soon. A qualified member of staff at a sports club can easily decide the best course of action and the rate at which the intensity can be increased. Certainly cycling, walking and swimming are activities that everyone can do and if done regularly will strengthen the heart and increase your physical stamina.

Regular exercise will gradually mean that you burn off more calories, though to have any major effect you may have to wait until you can manage to do a little more than the basic level at which you started.

Professional sports clubs will have the quality equipment you will need to improve your fitness. It is important to have comfortable footwear for your sessions incidentally.

Once you have got into a routine of regular exercise it is worth setting yourself some targets, nothing too exacting, but sufficient to encourage you to think that that you can continue to improve both your fitness levels and your weight.

Perhaps the most difficult thing is to actually take the decision to start. Once you’ve done that, the trick is to slip into a routine whereby you do not miss a session because that is a recipe for gradually losing interest. Nothing will happen overnight and patience is essential but the benefits of a healthier body and a longer life should be motivation enough for anyone.

Steve Smith writes on a freelance basis and lives in Turkey. His writing covers a range of topics from current affairs and economics to consumer affairs and the Kinetic sports club.

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