The Best Celebrities to Follow on Social Media

Men and women of all ages actively use different social media websites to stay in touch with friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers and others. While many will post tweets, status updates and more about their own lives, they also use social media to keep up with everything from trending news stories and political events to celebrity gossip and news. Because of this, many will follow their favorite retail stores, news sites and even individual celebrities on social media sources. While there may be hundreds of famous figures who may be able to follow, the fact is that you simply do not want to have information overload each time you visit your social media sites. Instead, you want to find a few who may be interesting or who may have something beneficial to say to you. When you are selecting the best celebrities to follow, keep these points in mind.

Fashion and Style 

Some people will choose to follow specific celebrities because they love their sense of style and fashion. While some people are simply not into fashion, others understand that celebrities often set the trends. People may copy hairstyles, fashion looks and more of their favorite celebrities, and some want to be one of the first in their circle of friends to have the most fashionable accessories, outfits and more. You can select a few celebrities whose sense of fashion you love, and you can follow them. You may also opt to follow a celebrity fashion page rather than a specific celebrity. This may provide you with more pictures and fashion insight for a wide range of celebrities rather than just your top one or two favorite people. 

Helpful Tips and Advice 

Some celebrities may be known for their sense of fashion, but others are known for providing real value to those who follow them on social media sites. For example, some professional athletes may provide health tips or motivational messages to follows. Bob Parsons is a radio personality who is known for writing articles and posts on everything from which email service providers to use to how to prevent cyber-bullying. There are also famous chefs, home decorating enthusiasts and others who all may provide you with helpful tips and advice. Consider who are the individuals who you typically gravitate to, and you may consider following them on social media sites. 

In the Spotlight

In addition, some celebrities simply cannot stay out of the limelight, and they may be a regular source of gossip and sensationalism. These are individuals who may get into trouble with the law frequently, who may be in all of the latest blockbuster movies or who have a fascinating love life. While you may get no useful benefits from following these individuals, you can be the first to learn about their news stories or their reactions to the latest news and gossip when you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. If you tend to stay up to date with celebrity news and gossip, you may already be thinking about a few top celebrities who you may want to follow. 

While you may continue to use social media only to keep up with friends and others who you know, you can also follow a few of your favorite celebrities to get more use out of your social media experience. When you are thinking about which celebrities to follow, think about each of these ideas to make the best decision.

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