The Best Resources I Found for UK Graduate Job Seekers

Finishing university is rough. Classes are over and you have to find a real job. You can no longer laze about until the next deadline or wear whatever you want. Now is the time when serious networking and application making come into play. Test after test, repetitive cover letters and tweaked CVs, it becomes overwhelming and tedious. Cutting costs and nights out with your crew, to save for your next break can really put a damper on your fun. But as long as you have a strong drive and an idea of where you want to be headings, it is possible to find a job wherever you want to be, even if it is in a big place like London.

Luckily, many resources exist which assist new graduates with finding a job. Most Universitys offer a job board to search from and your department usually provides career advice. Outside of this, several student groups normally work with big and small companies to help students get ahead in the career world as soon as they finish school. For me, I stumbled across which provides an enormous amount of resources for new graduates especially in the field of marketing and advertisement. Services they provide are working for their company, information about the advertising and digital media industry, information on internships, a comprehensive explanation of advertising terms, a CV template, information on the different types of advertising, tips on job searching, tips on interviews, and advice on moving to London. The advice they offer is excellent for someone new to the industry or someone switching careers.

How they help you decide

Some of the best information Sphere provides is about what type of entrance pay and benefits you receive, the connections you make, and the type of people you work for. When they tell you about the industry, they provide examples of what benefits you reap when you start in the advertising and digital media industry. Their information is very persuasive especially when you normally have worked in areas such as the service industry. For instance, this industry offers: At least £20,000 starting salaryThe opportunity to networkFlexible and reasonable working conditionsThe ability to increase your status earlyOn the job training

How they help you prepare

Most of the information on their website is dedicated to prepare new graduates to apply for different advertising and digital media positions. Sphere provides information on what an internship is about so you are not just limited to finding work immediately. The terminology they provide improves the technical side of your CV and your interviews so employers can see you know what you are talking about. Additionally, they also provide information of what a CV should look like and what takes place in an interview. These are all very helpful tips to help you prepare for your job hunt and all the steps after such as how to follow up and continuous encouragement to never stop looking at different avenues such as:
Online job boards (i.e. indeed, monster, glassdoor, etc.)Social media (i.e. twitter, linkedin, facebook)Meeting in person

How they help you apply

After you have prepared your CV and know what you are looking for in a new employer, Sphere provides more information on how to go about looking for a job from what kind of attitude you should have to their own search engine and job opportunities. Additional support is given with interviews, like:
What to wearWhat questions to askHow to behaveWhat kind of questions to be prepared to answer

Similarly, during their own process of job applications, they offer assistance to possible new employees by guiding them to follow what in advertising and digital media is interesting to them. This experience is very tailored to the candidate and supportive in the candidate’s experience in finding work. Examples of their assistance include:
Over the phone discussion and adviceInterviewsAssessments (alone or group)Spend time educating you on different jobsFeedback and coaching on improving your employability

Getting the Job

If you get a job via Sphere Digital or another company in London, they help you figure out a good way for you to move to London by providing tips and additional resources which will help cut costs and locate good housemates at a reasonable price while you are there. At first it may appear a daunting task, but Sphere really breaks it down for you so you know up front how much it will cost to live and work in London. Likewise, they discuss fun things people like to do and what kind of apps you can invest in which will improve your experience of living in London. I will admit, at first I was really nervous about making new friends, but after networking and talking with new housemates and coworkers I am very comfortable in my new location.

Overall, sphere has been a great resource for me in finding a job in advertising and digital media. Previous to finding their experience, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but with knowledge of the benefits and information on the tasks I would take part in as someone in this industry I am more interested in pursuing a job in this field. By providing additional information on how to prepare for finding a job, where to look for a job, and what to do for an interview I was more confident to find a job which suits me.

Furthermore, their staff is very helpful in assisting graduates to find the right job for them. I will admit, after finding my job, I was very hesitant to move to London, but the advice they provide is very valuable when looking for a new place and determining the initial cost of living in such a seemingly high priced place. It took a lot of work and time, but in the end I got there and so can you.

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