Things to Do When You Get Stuck with a Puzzle During an Escape Room Game


Escape rooms are challenging, and you will only make it if you solve all puzzles and challenges leading you to various clues. Once you receive the final clue and find your way out of the door within the allowable time, you win.


The problem is when you get stuck with a puzzle or a challenge that prevents you from moving forward. It is quite frustrating, but you have no choice but to do it; otherwise, you will stay there. These are some crucial tips to help you deal with a challenging puzzle.


Do not panic


Even when you already feel frustrated that your efforts have not led to any positive result, you need to stay calm. The moment you start panicking, it will mess everything up. You will not concentrate on the challenges. Pause for a while and gather yourself before moving on. Do not force yourself to finish it without a pause for a few seconds.


Change roles


You plan the escape room game with a team. Divide the tasks among you. It means that if you are unable to fulfil your role, you need to trust your teammates to continue what you started. You usually assign roles depending on strengths and skills. However, it does not mean your teammates will have no idea how to deal with the puzzle you are currently working on. Try switching roles; it could work. They might also get stuck with their challenge, and it would help to have a fresh start.


Think as one 


It might help if you stand together as a team. Tell everyone to stop what they are doing and go to one station first before you move on, especially if it is crucial in the game. However, you need to be careful not to do it all the time since it could kill your time. As soon as you figure out the answer, everyone needs to head back to what they were initially doing.


Try other ways 


Some escape rooms allow you to move on to the next clue by answering different puzzles or challenges. Even if you fail with the one you are currently working on, you could still move ahead using a different problem. Perhaps, it will work for you as it might be easier than the one that got you stuck.


These escape room game challenges are tricky and complicated. You cannot quickly move on to the next part of the game since one clue connects with the next. Despite that, stay calm and collected. Do not allow your anger and frustration to hinder you from making it out on time. If you find it difficult, it is understandable, since many others who have tried the game before you probably felt that way too. Once you make it to the end, though, it is very fulfilling.


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