Top 5 Female Leaders in Advertising

What do Jill Adams, Sarah Hofstetter, Katie Jansen, Jocelyn Mangan, and Molly Moriarity have in common? They’re five of the most influential female leaders in advertising today. They also have some form of communications degree. Communicating effectively certainly played a role in getting these women where they are today. After all, effective communication is crucial to running a successful ad campaign. Let’s take a deeper look at these five influential women.

Jill Adams

Jill Adams, CEO, co-founder, and majority owner of Adams & Knight oversees the agency’s strategic services. Her main functions at Adams & Knight include helping turn customer needs into results-driven advertising. Dissatisfaction with mundane jobs and the wish to do something more led Jill to seek a grad degree in communication and put it to work. And did it ever work! Adams & Knight has earned several business accolades over the years and continues to help companies grow with strategic services and advertising strategies.

Sarah Hofstetter

Sarah Hofstetter is CEO of this year’s top digital agency, 360i. Hofstetter has evolved the company’s branding, marketing, and media practices. She helps many name brand companies connect with millions of consumers daily. Since Hofstetter has been on board, the company has won several prestigious awards for digital innovation, with Sarah herself named in the 2014 AAF Hall of Achievement. She is often quoted in various journals and publications.

Katie Jansen

Katie Jansen is the VP of corporate marketing for AppLovin. AppLovin is a company that turns mobile technology into brand choices by gathering data and delivering spectacular mobile ads to consumers. An MBA in Business Communication helps Jansen put together strategic ads for high impact. Under her leadership, the company grew from 12 employees to 70 and is on track to do $1 million in revenue this year.

Jocelyn Mangan

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Jocelyn Mangan is the SVP of product management at OpenTable, a leading online restaurant reservations company. Mangan oversees product development and the mobile aspect. This includes the newly developed mobile payment feature, Apple Pay. OpenTable reported revenues of over $50 million in the 2nd quarter of 2014. Mangan holds a BA in English and Communications.

Molly Moriarity

Molly Moriarity, VP of marketing at AdColony, oversees the company’s marketing, public relations, research, and advertising. She is integral in promoting public relations and advertising to create solutions for advertisers in the mobile landscape. Molly comes with knowledge gained from employment within prestigious and well-known advertising companies. AdColony has booked $100 million in revenue in 2014’s 2nd quarter.

Molly holds an MA in Communications from the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, which also offers an online Master’s in Communication Management.

These women are just a sampling of those who have broken through the glass ceiling and are successful in the advertising world — there are many others as well. What sets these women apart is a degree in communications. Being able to effectively communicate is a huge factor in successful ad copy. Those considering a career in advertising can take a lesson from these successful women.

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