What Every Mercedes Sprinter Van Rental Should Include

The convenience of accessing transportation through apps like UBER and Lyft have made getting a ride easier than ever. But what if you have a special event with 10 to 15 passengers? Scheduling rides through these apps will be too difficult. The better option is to look into Mercedes sprinter van rental.


Just hearing the name Mercedes might be enough of a reason to call up a rental service. Here are a few more perks of hiring a professional driver and hopping onboard a sprinter van.


Spacious Van Cabin Holding Over a Dozen Passengers


By the looks of the Mercedes sprinter van, you’d be surprised by how many people it can hold. From the outside, it doesn’t look that large, but as soon as the doors open, it’s as if the sprinter is an entirely different world. This world is capable of transporting anywhere from 13 to 16 passengers to the final destination.


For those of you who need a transportation service for this many people, but don’t have so many passengers that a charter bus is necessary, the sprinter is the ultimate choice. Not only can this vehicle hold a minimum of 13 passengers, it can easily accommodate that baggage that comes along with each individual. Even with the maximum amount of people, the sprinter will be more than comfortable.


Safe, Reliable Driving Service


What’s the point of investing in a transportation rental service if you can’t count on getting to your final destination safely? On top of that, you should be able to also get there promptly and on time. With a top rated rental service offering Mercedes sprinter vans, this is exactly what you’ll get.


You’ll be paired with a driver who is fully capable of safely transporting you and the other passengers from the pick-up spot to the drop-off location. You should never have to worry about your driver being late either. The best services ensure that the driver and the sprinter van be at the pick-up spot at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.


Entertainment Options for Longer Trips


This won’t be included in every Mercedes sprinter van rental, but when you ask the rental service specifically for onboard entertainment, there’s a good chance you’ll get it. The vans meant for longer journeys, like getting to the corporate convention two states over, will often come with TV screens and DVD players. Some of them even offer onboard WiFi, allowing you to be fully prepared for the big meeting.


There is One Flaw to the Mercedes Sprinter Van…


Unfortunately, these vans do not come with an onboard restroom. They are not necessarily meant for long trips, but rather for city tours and airport transfers. Charter buses, on the other hand, do come with a restroom on board. This makes the bus a better option for longer trips with lots of passengers. However, since the sprinter holds 13 passengers instead of 55 in a charter bus, restroom breaks won’t be needed as frequently.

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