Why periodontist matters for periodontal disease?

Periodontist disease is most common among adults. These are a painless bacterial infection of the gums that quietly destroy the bone and supports your teeth to lose if left untreated. If you are constantly suffering from these signs, guys what are you waiting for? Just go for a checkup and ask periodontist.

A periodontist is a specialist of gum disorders. If you want a safe treatment that gives proper relaxation, then you should visit a periodontist.

To determine whether you visit a periodontist and he might ask for several things:

  •    Medical history to identify those factors which contribute to gum disease and other medications related to the mouth.
  •    Inspect your mouth to look for bleeding, Tartar and other causes.
  •    Take Dental x-ray to check you have lost bone in the affected area.

Periodontist disease can treat only by a periodontist, which is expert in giving treatment in a safe manner and provide you complete medication. So, you can prevent these diseases for the future. You will get a successful treatment with him and also when you quit your habits and take care of your oral care by stop using tobacco and drinking alcohol.

A Doctor will give you two types of treatments nonsurgical and surgical.

Non- surgical treatment

In this treatment, the periodontist will go with an invasive procedure which includes scaling, root planing, and antibiotics.

Surgical treatment

It is an invasive procedure which requires pocket reduction surgery soft tissue grafts, bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, and tissue stimulating proteins.

Both treatments will depend upon the patient’s choice and the doctor’s recommendation. The price will vary according to the treatment. So, go and take the best treatment from the experienced doctor.

A few things to follow for healthy oral care

Oral care is a must. According to research, we have found most of the patient are now dealing with oral diseases, and it is only because of the bad eating habits and neglecting oral care. Please follow the given home remedies to protect teeth and enjoy beautiful healthy smile forever.

  •    Always brush your teeth twice a day, or for better, you should brush teeth after every meal or snacks.
  •    Use an electric toothbrush to remove plaque and tartar.
  •    Do floss daily
  •    Use mouth freshener or rinse to avoid plaque between teeth.
  •    Used dental cleaner such as dental stick which is specially designed to remove waste from teeth.
  •    Go for a regular dental checkups.
  •    Do not drink alcohol, smoking and chew tobacco.
  •    Always use a soft toothbrush and replace it after 3 months.

Don’t be late! Ask your doctor

If you are experiencing any symptoms including pain, gum bleeding, smell or lose teeth, then you should go for the medical advice and take treatment as well, if the doctor suggested.

Final words

To lead a healthy life it is required you have a healthy mouth which is free from bacteria, therefore, you should take care of oral care and enjoy your beautiful smile forever. Before considering a doctor make sure that you are taking assistant from an experienced and certified periodontist.


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