Why Subdue Yourself from Laser Hair Removal Just Because Of Some Misconceptions

Laser Hair Removal

Both males and females are nowadays looking forward to a more permanent and less painful hair removal treatment. There are various options available in this genre of beautification, but none compares to the laser hair removal treatment. Though there are many misconceptions related to this treatment, all things considered this can be one of the best treatments for hair removal.

In not for beautification, people need to remove the body hair for various other reasons which include hygiene. Many women need to use hair removal treatments to get rid of the hair that grows on face because of hormonal imbalance. Such facial hair can give a very unsightly view and it becomes necessary to remove them. Hair removal treatments include waxing, shaving, IPL laser hair removal, electrolysis etc. But laser hair removal can be considered the best among these treatments and if you have any misconceptions related to this treatment then please get over them.

Following are some of the common misconceptions related to Laser Hair Removal:

Side Effects

Many believe there are side effects of this treatment. Please clear your head on this misconception as this treatment is very safe and effective. The only side effect – if you even consider it a side effect – is the redness in the skin that lasts only for a couple of hours after the treatment and that too only to the people having sensitive skin. If your skin is normal you will have a very nominal redness that will last from half hour to 1 hour.

It is a painful process

This is the most unreasonable misconception related to the laser hair removal treatment. I am not trying to say that this treatment is absolutely pain free, but the pain felt in this treatment is manageable and far less than that felt during waxing and bleaching.

It is a permanent process

Laser hair removal treatment is not a permanent process. However, you need to go for a maintenance treatment, after you have completed all the initial sessions of laser treatment, once in a year. This is required because hair has tendency to grow, and not all hairs are in the same growth cycle at any given time.

It is time consuming

This treatment requires only 15 to 20 minutes (which may vary depending upon the skin and hair type) in every session and one may need multiple sessions ranging from 5 to 10 sessions again depending upon the area, skin & hair type. But in no way you can say that this is a time consuming process, as it needs no down time and one can easily spare out 15 to 20 minutes in a day. Later on, the touch up sessions will only require few minutes.

Laser hair removal is undoubtedly the most effective and safe treatment when it comes to reducing the hair growth. Hair is the most unyielding part of the body and you need to go through a treatment like laser hair removal treatment to achieve desired results, without worrying about unsubstantial misconceptions related to it.

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Ethen Hunt, author of this article writes for Sydney laser clinic. It is one of the most reputed laser clinics in Australia and all the practitioners are well educated and experienced in laser hair removal in Sydney.

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