American Musical and Dramatic Academy, What Makes AMDA So Good?

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy is widely considered as one of the best art colleges in the USA. The college has two campuses in Los Angeles and New York respectively and I am very privileged to be able to call myself an ex-student of AMDA. Any art student who is looking for a college would do very well to put AMDA on their applications, and if they are lucky to be selected to this prestigious college then they should consider themselves both talented and lucky. What is that makes this college so good? Why do so many students desire an education here? Based on my own experience, here is why I believe this to be the best art college in the country.




I have many friends who studied at other art colleges and that has given me the chance to measure up AMDA against the experiences of my friends. This is why I can absolutely say that the standards which are expected of students at AMDA are higher than in many other colleges. This happens from the moment that you begin classes and in truth, many people got a shock during their first semester, because they thought they were far better than they were. The standards here are constantly high and when you achieve a certain level, the goal posts are moved to push you even harder.




The professors and private tutors in this college are absolutely incredible and they are able to draw on many years of experience in the arts to best help their students. Having access to these incredible men and women not only inspires the students to follow in their footsteps, but it also gives students direct access to a treasure trove of knowledge which has been gained through years of experience in this industry. AMDA are renowned for being hard on their applicants when positions come up and that really tells when you watch how the tutors work.


Direct Access


Because it is so widely respected the American Music and Dramatic Academy has strong links with key people and important companies within many artistic industries and this can help students to take that next step in their career when they have completed their studies. The reason as to why so many wish to do business with AMDA is because they provide such outstanding students.




Whereas some colleges may let students coast through their education, or give art students false promises that they could one day make it, AMDA prefers to take an honest approach. It is precisely for this reason that getting into the college is so tough and it is also how they are able to push their students to dig as deep as they can when working on a project, in order to bring out the best that they can offer. Without this honesty they cannot provide the high quality of student which they consistently have done.


This is why AMDA is as good as everyone says.


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