Healthy Habits for 2022

With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to think about resolutions, changes to make and new habits you want to build over the next twelve months. Unfortunately most New Year’s Resolutions fail – mostly because people try to make one big dramatic change, don’t see immediate results from the effort they put in, and burn out.


Rather than the sprint approach to changing your life, you need to think of it as a marathon. Don’t completely overhaul everything you do, all at once, try to find some new habits that you can make a part of your life, and build on over time to create real change.


Today we’re taking a look at a few possible habits that you could choose to nurture this new year – and if they’re a good fit for you, they could be the start of much bigger changes in your life!


Regular Exercise


“Getting fit” is a popular choice of New Year’s Resolution but it’s an easy one to give up on – ‘getting fit’ is very much in the eye of the beholder, and it’s all too easy to hold yourself to an unrealistic standard you can never attain. With the professionally chiselled physiques of Hollywood action stars as your standard, it’s all too easy to give up when you pour in effort and don’t see results as quickly as you want.


A more sustainable habit to work on is simply exercising regularly: you can decide what kind of exercise best fits your life and your needs, and build it into your routine in a healthy, sustainable fashion. Make sure you support your new exercise habit healthily, with warm ups and cool downs for the muscle groups you’ll be working, the right equipment like running shoes, and by staying hydrated with products like isotonic sports drinks or ORS hydration tablets. In time, your sustainable new habit could have a huge impact on your life!


Less Screentime


Another popular choice for a resolution is to cut down on the time spent staring at screens – computers, televisions, but particularly tablets and phones. The problem with success here is that many people only think about the ‘cutting down’ part of the problem, and not where they’re going to replace it with.


Rather than focussing on denying yourself screen time, find some new habits to take up the time you’d normally spend refreshing Twitter or passively browsing Tiktok. Reading before bed is a popular pastime and can help you get to sleep more quickly and deeply. For other times when you might pull out a phone, try keeping a puzzle about your person, like a crossword or a Sudoko. Create these new habits to take the place of old ones, and you’ll find lasting success.

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