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No one likes a nasty surprise. An incontinence sufferer unfortunately knows a surprise is coming but doesn’t know when. Anyone who has a bowel or urinary problem is fairly guarded about exposing themselves to normal social gatherings but there are times when everyone has to attend an event, a meeting of some sort.  These occasions have to be faced; a reclusive life is no fun but neither is a life filled with the fear of embarrassing incidents.

There is a combination of things that you can do but the main priority is immediate diagnosis and treatment whether you have faecal or urinary incontinence. In both cases there are a number of reasons causing the problem and a number of solutions depending on the seriousness of the condition.



Mild forms of this problem can sometimes be solved without much more than drugs and diet change.  A healthy diet often involves fresh fruit and vegetables but at times their laxative properties may actually exacerbate a faecal problem but discussions with your doctor and a dietician can decide on the best diet to follow. Exercise if also often an option to train when the condition is a urinary problem; through exercise the pelvic muscles can be strengthen to deal with the problem. Retraining the bladder is also an option.

Surgery can be an option in some cases; it all depends on circumstances and

Help is at hand

People who suffer from this problem obviously want to live as normal a life as possible during the period of treatment and in the event that the problem persists. In order to do that they need to look for clothing items that help with the problem they face.

There are specialist under garments, swimwear options and pads that can make life a little more comfortable and help the sufferer to have the confidence to go out and enjoy themselves. As ever the Internet is an excellent source of information for anyone wanting to know more about this complaint, the reasons for it and the possible ways it can be treated and cured.

Similarly there are those clothing items referred to that can increase the comfort of the sufferer when out enjoying themselves and some products that can absorb discharge when at home asleep.  That can include protection for beds, sheets, pillow cases and covers; indeed anything that might ever be needed.

Find a friend

The type of company to search out may well be one that displays an understanding of the problems sufferers face and knowledge of the practical ways that a product can boost confidence. The Internet has become more and more popular for ecommerce for a variety of reasons including the security that transactions now provide and the efficiency of online ordering and delivery.

Customer confidentiality is another guarantee that ecommerce companies provide; you can satisfy yourself from reading through websites before you ever make contact with questions about a product range and the procedure that a company uses.

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